Taktiful, the digital embellishment sales and marketing specialists, to debut at Amplify.

Updated: May 25

Taktiful helps businesses turn digital print embellishment into enterprise.

Melbourne, FL, 24th of May, 2022:– Taktiful is a new international consultancy, dedicated to helping brands and producers build up awareness and success by using the latest digital embellishment technologies for print and packaging. It is making its debut at the Amplify trade show for print finishing and embellishment, taking place from June 14-16 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Taktiful will be in Booth 407.

Kevin Abergel, the founder and president of Taktiful, has long experience at the heart of digital embellishment though his past work with the MGI Group, one of the pioneers in the digital embellishment equipment space.

“These are exciting times for sensory print,” he says. “I chose the name Taktiful to evoke the both the tactile and beautiful nature of digital embellishment,” he says. “We aim to show how to implement the sciences of touch, reflectance and diffraction to give amazing effects. This increases brand awareness, customer engagement and brand recognition on luxury printing and packaging. Digital embellishment is a cost-effective way for printers and converters to add value to their work, elevating it away from commoditisation where they are being forced to compete on price alone.”

Taktiful is rolling out a suite of services aimed at helping brand owners, equipment manufacturers, creative agencies, designers and print service providers to take full advantage of digital embellishment. These include conceptual understanding of the potential of embellishment, artwork preparation, sales training, costing and estimating and production techniques.

An international network of expert partners is already working with Taktiful, offering guidance based on experience of working with digital embellishment technologies, including metallic/diffraction effects and foiling, pattern gloss and 3D raised and textured inks. Digital embellishment technologies allow for short or long runs, personalisation and reduced lead times, without the costly metal plates and dies of traditional analogue methods.

“We can work with all stages of embellishment and all technologies,” says Kevin. “Taktiful is vendor-neutral and we have good relations with all embellishment system manufacturers.

Print Service providers may have bought digital embellishment equipment already, but feel they need guidance on how to sell it effectively, and also how to help their customers to get the best out of the effects. Alternatively Taktiful can advise service providers on the equipment, costings, working techniques and marketing strategies that will enable them to grow their businesses. For instance, we advise them on crafting their own distinctive brand for their embellishment services, to stand out from mere technical labels. We have a new Success Booster Series that addresses very specifically the four main pillars to success in digital embellishment: Go to market, design, operations, and Sales. Essentially, we are teaching users up front all the things that they would eventually have to spend years figuring out on their own.

“Taktiful can show brands and designers how to adopt embellishment to make more impactful packing, increasing shelf appeal and sales. We are in an era where fine packaging can be collectors’ pieces in its own right – look at the popularity of unboxing videos on social media. We want everyone to understand the creative and commercial beauty of embellishment!”

Taktiful is based in Melbourne, FL, in the USA, and its partners already cover Latin America, Canada, Europe, Japan and APAC regions. To learn more about the story of sensory embellishment and the services on offer, visit

Taktiful contact:

Kevin Abergel, president. Tel: +1 (321) 574-2296

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