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Ken Huizenga

Technical Operations Consultant

Ken has been in the printing industry since the early 1980's.  He spent the first twelve years as a pressman working the sheet-fed presses. Since then, he has been Production Manager responsible for the conventional press, digital press, and bindery/finishing operations, and in charge of successfully integrating digital embellishment into our production. 

Keeping current in the digital age of printing has been an important task for Ken in his 40 years of successfully running a print shop.  He has been responsible for researching, evaluating, operating and purchasing a myriad of printing and bindery equipment to bring efficiency and excellent quality to all the work he produced for his clients.

Ken would love to share many of the lessons he has learned from spending many years in a profitable print shop environment.  

As a pressman and a manager, he has gone through Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and ISO 9001 training, and have years of experience in making sure you can give your clients the best in quality, efficiency and on-time delivery of your products. 

In his spare time, Ken used to race in the NASCAR sanctioned Factory Stock Car division and is currently a USA Cycling Amateur Category 4 competitive cyclist.


Ken's Areas of Expertise