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Taktiful Case Studies

Elite Print Finishing

Taktiful Sales Training

Consultant: Kevin Abergel

Steven Roberts is the President of Elite Print Finishing, based in Burlington, North Carolina.   After purchasing an MGI Digital Embellishment Press, Steve soon realized they needed to learn a new way to market and sell tactile print based on value, not price.

He promptly signed his team up for the sales and marketing training that was being offered on digital embellishments.

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Rebecca Arnett

Taktiful Operator Training

Consultant: Ken Huizenga

Learning the tricks of the trade from an experienced machine operator is invaluable.

It not only helps operators understand all the correct settings on the machine and when to change them, but it also gives them valuable insight into the very intricate ballet that exists between machine, substrates, foils, laminates and inks.

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Kenbunsya Co., Ltd.

Taktiful Sales Training

Consultant: Yoshi Ishii

This report includes an interview with Kenbunsya's President Katsuhiko Amino and case studies explaining how the company has improved its digital embellishment adoption in a short period of time to create award-winning work thanks to training provided by Taktiful.

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Sun Print Solutions

Taktiful Marketing Consulting

Consultant: Joanne Gore

Before Sun Print Solutions had a Messaging Playbook, they were very clear in their heads what they wanted to say and which direction they wanted to take the company but articulating these thoughts and putting them down on paper in a unified and customer-focused way was a lot more difficult than they thought.

“Each department had their own point of view as to the value and offering the company provided and sharing these multiple and different messages with customers only served to confuse them,” said RJ Deneau, Business Development Manager, Sun Print Solutions. This is their story ...

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