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Asia Pacific Unit
Located in Tokyo, Japan

Yoshi Ishii is in charge of the Asia Pacific region for Taktiful and brings over 35 years of high-end international executive experience to the table.

He has held various executive positions over 27 years with Konica Minolta Inc, including sales and marketing roles in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia, before serving as President of Konica Business Technologies Canada.

Yoshi also brings much experience from Product Planning side, having developed Konica Minolta's Light Production Print (LPP) Concept and 50+ppm color presses, including the High Chroma Toner Press.  He was equally at the origin of the MGI and Konica Minolta partnership which has proven to be one of the best strategic alliances in the OEM print industry today.

Over the last five years, Yoshi has worked as Manager Director for the Asia Pacific region for MGI Digital Technology and has developed an expertise in Digital Embellishment in APAC, including Strategy Development, Channel Development, Sales Training, and Customer Education.

Yoshi has used relationship management skills to build trusted and loyal relationships with high-profile clients across the globe, and these communication skills, paired with his deep experience and industry knowledge, are a perfect storm to help meet your needs.

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Yoshi's Case Studies

Kenbunsya Co., Ltd.

Sales Training


This report includes an interview with Kenbunsya's President Katsuhiko Amino and case studies explaining how the company has improved its digital embellishment adoption in a short period of time to create award-winning work thanks to training provided by Taktiful.

Yoshi's Areas of Expertise

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