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The newest print embellishment techniques are absolutely mind-blowing, the only problem is only a select few know how to design for it.  We can help your creative departments get up to speed and learn how to push the envelopes with techniques capitalizing on

reflectance and diffraction to give amazing effects. These effects increases brand awareness, customer engagement and brand recognition on luxury printing and packaging.

We are attuned to the latest technologies in print, working with new digitial processes that most agencies have never heard of yet.  Not only can we "taktify" your packaging, we can show you how to leverage new technologies to significantly reduce waste for a sustainable print strategy.

Sustainable Print Strategies

A Comprehensive Approach

Having both an irresistible and eco sustainable print strategy is not mutually exclusive proposition anymore.  Using the latest technologies, such as digital embellishments and printed electronics, let taktiful spark you imagination while doing your part in conserving the environment.


Product Launch

Cradle to the Grave Consulting

Whether it's market research, product pre-launch, launch, PR or field events, Taktiful has what it takes to help you manage your product's lifecycle from cradle to the grave.

Haptic File Design

Hacking the Neuroscience of Touch

With Taktiful's amazing panel of contributors, designing for print embellishment has never been easier.  We know how far we can push the envelope and get the exact look is looking for.  Elegance and grace via digital embellishments are now in your wheelhouse.