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About Taktiful

We connect people to brands using the science of touch

Taktiful is a leading consulting company specializing in print embellishments for brands, printers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). With a focus on enhancing the visual impact and tactile experience of printed materials, Taktiful offers expert guidance and support to help clients create, market and sell stunning and unique printed products that stand out in a crowded marketplace.


At Taktiful, we understand that print embellishments are an essential part of modern marketing and branding strategies. By adding eye-catching finishes and textures to print materials, companies can increase brand recognition, engagement, and customer loyalty. Our team of experienced consultants works closely with clients to identify the most effective areas that need optimization, providing customized solutions that deliver outstanding results.


With a deep understanding of the latest print technologies and materials, as well as a passion for creativity and innovation, Taktiful is the ideal partner for any company looking to elevate their printed products to the next level. Whether you're a brand looking to differentiate yourself in a competitive market, a PSP seeking to better monetize your existing embellishment capabilities, or an OEM seeking to develop or integrate new print embellishments into your products, Taktiful has the expertise and resources to help you succeed.


At Taktiful, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service, top-quality advice, and innovative strategies that help them achieve their goals. With our focus on print embellishments and our dedication to excellence, we are proud to be a leading partner for brands, printers, and OEMs across the graphic arts industry. 

Taktiful Executive Presentation

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