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About Taktiful

We connect people to brands using the science of touch

We here at Taktiful are the digital embellishment sales and marketing specialists who focus on helping the print industry and their customers make luxury and sensory print the clear choice for all their print needs.

We combine the science of touch with the power of print to give you a taktiful experience worth coming back for.

We show you how to use a more customer-focused sales approach which emphasizes value over price. This is the key to making more sales and taking a larger slice of the USD $42B global digital printing packaging market.

We help you capitalize on the fact that consumers buy packaging first and products second, and that they are willing to pay a premium for luxury packaged goods and extraordinary unboxing experiences.

Together, we’ll adjust your sales and marketing approach and show you how to sell luxury print to all your customers.

When you work with taktiful, you are working with a team of sales and marketing specialists that grew up in the industry and are laserfocused on everything to do with digital embellishments.

We know how to make luxury print profitable for you, and valuable for your customers. We work with clients in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe and APAC countries who rely on us to help them become more profitable. 

Taktiful Executive Presentation

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