Interview with Michael Dillon from Meyers on how to Market Digital Embellishments

Kevin Abergel: Okay. Michael Dillon from Myers printing. How are you, sir?

Micheal Dillon: I'm doing well, Kevin, thanks for having me.

Kevin Abergel: Oh, it's a pleasure. It's a pleasure. I met you you were down at amplify I think. And we had we had some time together in Minneapolis. Tell me a little bit about your company and some of the stuff that you guys are doing right now.

Micheal Dillon: Yeah. So Myers is a, almost 75 year old family business. We're focused on packaging. So folding cartons, corrugate labels as well, but we also have a good amount of energy going into retail displays and a couple other specialty print areas.

Kevin Abergel: That's interesting. Yeah, the family company, man. I know how that goes.