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We are the digital embellishment specialists.

What We Do

Taktiful helps digital embellishment users become more profitable designing, operating, selling and marketing embellished print.

Who We Help


Print Service Providers

We promise to make your investment in digital embellishment technology a profitable one.

Print Industry Manufacturers

We promise to help you sell more digital embellishment presses and make your customers successful.

Brand Owners

We promise to show you how harness the power of sensory marketing to jump off the shelf and increase your bottom line.

Connect More People to YOUR Brand Using the Science of Touch

Our team works exclusively in the digital embellishment industry and offers sales and marketing solutions guaranteed to improve profitability

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Our 8 Week Program

Our bespoke 8 week consulting package is designed specifically for printers who want to be successful with their digital print embellishment equipment, specifically with inkjet and CMYK+ technologies.


Over the course of eight weekly, one-hour sessions, our experts will work with you to tackle a new subject, including sales, marketing, estimating, pricing, design, production workflow, quality control, and post-production services.

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Introducing Taktify:
The World's First A.I. Estimating And Pricing Tool for Digital Print Embellishments.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital print embellishment industry, Taktify emerges as a game-changing ally. Rooted in advanced A.I., our platform is meticulously crafted to serve the nuanced needs of print embellishment professionals. With a deep dive into real-time market dynamics, Taktify harnesses your sales data and merges it with geographic and industry vertical trends, enabling your business to determine not just exact production costs, but also to strategically price in alignment with market demands.

The Taktiful Team


Kevin Abergel


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Ken Huizenga

Operations Technical Consultant

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Yoshi Ishii

President, Asia Pacific


Matt Redbear

Creative Director


Carlo Ruas


Taktiful Software Solutions


Joanne Gore

Chief Marketing Advisor

How We Can Help You

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