Taktiful is a marketing and consulting agency specializing in the power of the tangible, sensorial, touchable and irresistible.



We create effective strategies, powerful identities, seamless interactions, and memorable experiences to connect people to brands and organizations.

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Areas of Marketing Expertise

The Taktiful Sensorial Marketing Agency

As a marketing agency, we are defined by our devotion to brands. We believe in brands. In their power. Their value. Their increasingly important place in consumer’s lives. A brand is the single most important asset any company has. We aspire to create attention-getting messages, expressed visually and verbally across multiple platforms utilizing all five of the senses.

Here are some of our areas of marketing expertise

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Areas of Consulting Expertise

Taktiful Consulting

See how we can help craft bespoke advisory packages for you around the following areas of expertise:

  • New Technology Evangelization

  • Brand and Agency Education

  • Marketing as a Service

  • Product Launch

  • Product Lifecycle Management

  • Sales Training​

  • Sales Tool Creation​

  • Distribution Channel Management​

  • International Coverage Expansion

  • Executive Recruitment

  • User Community Management​

  • Strategy Recommendations

  • Print Embellishment

  • Printing and Packaging Markets

  • Haptic Design, Printing and Packaging

  • A/B Test Marketing