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Taktiful Announces the Release of its Groundbreaking Case Study with The Kennickell Group

Discover the transformative journey of The Kennickell Group, showcasing the unparalleled impact of Taktiful's Digital Print Embellishment Training.

(Melbourne, FL, September 14th, 2023) - Taktiful, the digital embellishment experts, today proudly announces the launch of its latest case study, chronicling its collaboration with The Kennickell Group. This in-depth look provides invaluable insights into the challenges, solutions, and outstanding outcomes achieved through their 8-week training program for digital embellishments.

Key Highlights of the Case Study Include:

  • Seismic Shift in Approach: Once considering digital embellishments an afterthought, post-training, The Kennickell Group now champions these offerings as the tip of the spear for capturing new clients.

  • Empowerment of Sales Team: Post-training, The Kennickell Group's sales team underwent a paradigm shift in their approach, driving home the value and uniqueness of digital embellishments to prospective clients with renewed vigor, armed with statistics that push the ROI for embellishments.

  • Improved Pricing Strategy: Delving into pricing challenges, the case study elucidates how Taktiful's training enabled The Kennickell Group to recalibrate their pricing model, aligning it more closely with market demands and potential.

  • Operational Excellence for Production Teams: Operators and production teams at The Kennickell Group benefited immensely, with streamlined processes, optimized machine utilization, and elevated product output quality

  • Enhanced Creativity & Productivity: Through Taktiful’s design guidance, The Kennickell Group uncovered new creative opportunities, maximizing the potential of their JETvarnish machine. The transformation is vividly illustrated in a Lookbook campaign, showcasing the heightened creative potential to clients.

  • Brand Differentiation: Post-training, The Kennickell Group has been empowered to alter its selling narrative, positioning digital embellishments as a pivotal brand differentiator, thus marking a shift in the market perception.

  • Proactive Adaptation to Market Demands: Learn how the training helped Kennickell preemptively address changing market trends, particularly in the post-pandemic era.

"We're thrilled to share this success story, spotlighting how our bespoke training solutions can supercharge printing businesses," said Kevin Abergel, President of Taktiful. "The transformation of The Kennickell Group is testament to the power and potential of understanding and harnessing digital print embellishments."

Al Kennickell, Owner of The Kennickell Group, reflected, “I was aware that we were underutilizing the machine and I'm always eager to learn. However, I didn't anticipate the profound impact the consulting would have on us. It gives us such a significant advantage over competitors who haven’t gone through it."”

To view the full case study and watch The Kennickell Group executives talk openly about their experience with Taktiful’s 8-Week Digital Embellishment Training, visit

About Taktiful:

Taktiful is a leading consulting company specializing in print embellishments for brands, printers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). With a focus on enhancing the visual impact and tactile experience of printed materials, Taktiful offers expert guidance and support to help clients create, market and sell stunning and unique printed products that stand out in a crowded marketplace. Taktiful stands at the forefront of digital print embellishment training, offering comprehensive courses designed to empower businesses to harness the full potential of their technology investments. Visit for more information.

About The Kennickell Group:

A family-owned business founded in 1892, The Kennickell Group, based in Savannah, Georgia, is renowned for its print, international fulfillment, signage, point-of-purchase materials, and marketing services. With a legacy of innovation, the company serves clients across the United States and has partnerships in 32 countries. Visit for more information.

For additional details, or to download the complete case study, visit

Press inquiries can be directed to:

Kevin Abergel



Tel: +1 (321) 574-2296


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