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Report: North American Digital Embellishment Trends in a Covid World

Report: North American Digital Embellishment Trends in a Covid World

As Covid rocked the planet and disrupted life as we know it, the digital embellishment market was unexpectedly able to find new and creative ways to grow. Find out how Covid impacted digital embellishment applications, brand desired finishes, supply chains, brand demand and what new and interesting trends have developed.


This reports aims to cover the following topics:

  • The current state of the digital embellishment market.
  • How Covid has impacted digital embellishment users in North America?
  • What trends digital embellishment users have seen as a result of covid, and why?
  • Which applications are hot, and which ones are not?
  • What kind of embellishment effects is selling more during Covid?
  • How digital embellishment volumes have fared, whether they are coming back, and why.
  • How has supply chain shortage affected digital embellishment users.
  • What digital embellishment users feel are their biggest sales obstacles.
  • Digital embellishment users future outlook on their overall business vs. their digital embellishment business.
  • How digital embellishment users feel manufacturers can help them during covid crisis recovery.
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