Digital Embellishments: How to add value and profitability to ink on paper.

The print industry is ever evolving and adapting as a communication channel. New technologies, like digital embellishment, allows printers to embrace the power of touch by creating enhanced, desirable, memorable and valuable brand experiences. And when there is perceived value, there is a willingness to pay a premium. Yet many printers continue to treat print as a commodity, selling primarily on price, and boasting about equipment features, speeds and feeds.

Here are three opportunities for PSPs to add value – and profitability – with digital embellishments.

Capitalize on the Science of Touch

Humans like to touch things. It can spark and influence emotion and is proven to provide the strongest sensory recall. So it should come as no surprise that enhancing print with elements that make people want to touch it even more, can even further strengthen the effectiveness of packaging and labels.