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The Taktiful Vision

To create the most compelling international marketing consulting agency of the 21st century by capitalizing on the effects of haptics on influence.

Image by Diego PH

Our Core Values 

The Taktiful Way

Image by Guillaume de Germain

Reduce Waste for Sustainable Print Strategy

Innovation is the nucleus of our company, and we believe that innovation mixed with emerging new smart eco friendly processes can help our clients develop a long term environmentally sustainable print strategy. 

Irresistible print and environmental sustainability are no longer mutually exclusive.

Image by Rob Lambert

Use the Bleeding Edge Technology to Leverage the Omni Channel 

We value new technologies, not because they are fun or because we are giant tech geeks, but because they allow us to do new things, invent new processes, and be first to market.  In some cases, they even allow us to create new markets from scratch.  Technology without strategy is a recipe for disaster, which is why we carefully analyze ever new technology and recommend strategies and applications based on our scientific findings.

Image by Joshua Rawson-Harris

Make Print and Packaging More Touchable

We believe in Haptics.  We believe that the power of touch is a powerful marketing force that has been overlooked despite the convincing research in neuro psychology.  We believe if your client can interact with you at this most primal level, you have a significantly higher chance of securing business.

Image by Mayur Gala

Passion is What Drives Us

We bring passion and energy to work,
knowing that active participation is essential to create better outcomes. We value those who speak thoughtfully, encourage and respect diversity of opinion and listen carefully with an open mind.

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