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One Week Onsite: Sales & Business Dev

Let us show your clients how to sell value and get new customers

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Sales Training Teach your clients team how to hunt for the right opportunities, the right profiles and sell on value, not on price with the right sales arguments that stick from the get-go. Attack New Verticals With digital embellishment in your clients production arsenal, they can now open up new revenue streams that they had never considered in the past. What verticals are hot on digital embellishment, why should they go after them, and how they can develop into bigger opportunities. Why are haptic and sensory engagements so important to brands? Commission Structure Compensation drives behavior, and unless your clients take special care in developing a compensation plan for their sales team that incentivizes them to push new products, they likely will be fighting an uphill battle to get internal adoption. Let us share our recommendations with your clients on how to structure their sales compensation packages for maximum adoption. Ride Alongs We will ride with your clients sales team to show them how to develop the right business conversation in person. We don't just talk the talk but walk the walk with people who have made a successful career in selling Digital Embellishments.

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