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One Week Onsite Production Ramp UP

We spend a week teaching you everything we wish we had been taught

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Here is what we wish we were taught when we got our first digital embellishment press. Workflow We will show you the most efficient ways of managing files for digital embellishment through your workflow, saving you time and increasing your profits while decreasing turnaround times. Production How does your new digital embellishment press fit and play with your current equipment? What do you need to do to get everything to play well for a harmonious and efficient production. Sourcing From helping you find the right vendors, to teaching you what papers, foils and laminates to use for what application, we have been there and done the experimenting ourselves. Get a head start by not having to re-invent the wheel. Estimating If you estimate too high you don't get the job, but if you go to low you lose money and commoditize your new weapon. We teach you how to walk the fine line to get optimum volume with maximum profit.

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